Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Influence Map

Here is a cool way of showing what has influenced you throughout your life so far, in my case artistically. For me it's been everything from pouring over the latest mad magazine while growing up waiting to see what Mort Drucker had drawn that month. It's also my earliest memories of drawing CN train engines because my Dad was Train Dispatcher for CN (incidentally that's my Dad smiling just below Jack Kirby's Thor). The rest are Mr Dressup (also Casey and Finnigan), Don Martin (MAD Magazine), everything Walt Disney, Ralph McQuarrie/Star Wars (both the movie and the concept artist), Boris Vellejo, Frank Franzetta, Rocket Robin Hood, Spiderman (60's television series) and Bob Chambers a editorial cartoonist for The Halifax Herald (here's a link to some information on Bob Chambers). 

Here is a link to the photoshop template if you would like to do one of your own: Here


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