Tuesday, February 21, 2012

PhotoshopCafe Design Challenge 12

One of my entries to the PhotoshopCafe Design Challenge 12 won!

The challenge was to design a fictitious Blu-ray cover using something from Photoshop (term, tool, filter, etc.) and these are my entries.

Acquiring Twain (Twain is the interface standard for Windows and Macintosh that allows imaging hardware devices (such as scanners and digital cameras) to communicate with image processing software) and Count Tool (a Photoshop utility for counting multiple objects withing your Photoshop image were my entries.

Acquiring Twain won, Mark "Twain" was drawn by me and illustrated within Photoshop, the background and the two boys painting the fence are iStock images, with Count Tool (you can see an early doodle of him here) everything was illustrated by me, no stock images were used, except the smoke which I used a stock image of smoke to "generate" the smoke but I did not use the image of the smoke directly.

Thanks for taking a look.

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